Monday, August 28, 2006


We are using Story of the World I (SOTW) for ancient history this year. The first chapter had to do with nomads. We learned how the nomads would move on, from their cave or tent, anytime they'd depleted the food in the area. So, we played we were nomads and made our kitchen table into a tent. We left our tent to gather things like "nuts", "berries", and "lizards." Then, when their wasn't very much food left in the area, we moved on.... to the living room. It was a good way to reinforce how the nomads lived.

Our favorite two books about these early people:
  • The First Dog by Jan Brett - one of Alexandra's favorite authors - it shows how tamed wolves would be useful to these wandering people
  • Mik's Mammoth by Roy Gerrard - this is a great book that shows how the nomads might have developed into farmers - very cute, rhyming book that "stars" a boy & his pet mammoth

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