Monday, June 04, 2012

Cub Creek Science Camp

Alex is away at summer camp this week. This is the 3rd summer she's done a week-long camp, and the second one where she's went and hasn't known ANYONE when she's arrived! To me, that's pretty brave! I know I wouldn't have been able to do that as a child!

The camp posts photos each night and I found 3 of Alex today. This first one is of her (back row, 5th girl in greenish yellow shirt from left) and her cabin mates and counselors. I got to meet two counselors and four of the girls when I dropped her off yesterday.

Here she is (in white jacket) enjoying the campfire. It looks like she's having fun!!

And, here she is writing... it looks like she's writing on her jacket instead of her paper?!? :-) Anyway, from the newsletter, I think they are writing about their dreams & their fears & what they hope to accomplish this week.

Since this is her 4th week away (she also took a week-long trip with school this year), I'm really getting used to it and didn't cry a single tear! I am covering her in prayer and pray she has an incredible week. This sounds like a really neat camp, and I'll tell you more as the week goes on. By the way, it isn't even in Texas! Yep! She is at an out-of-state camp for the week!


Malea said...

My son seems to have absolutely no interest in going to camp. I wish he was interested though as there are so many interesting camps out there!

Looks like she is having a good time.

Unknown said...

How great for her to have so many wonderful experiences. I worked for a veterinarian for 17 years and loved just about every minute of it. A very rewarding job.

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