Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Book Review: Crossed by Ally Condie

After reading Matched by Ally Condie last week, I went out and got the second book in the trilogy: Crossed. Just like the first book, I could NOT put it down and finished it within 24 hours!

Crossed continues the story of Cassia, a 17-year-old girl living in a Dystopian society. She wants to find Ky, her "match" that the Society told her was a mistake. Ky has been sent to the Outer Provinces, so Cassia takes off on a dangerous journey to find him.
The first book, Matched, told the story from Cassia's point of view while this book goes back and forth between Cassia and Ky. This second book has more action and danger. Now, I just have to wait until November for the third book in the series!

I was thrilled to find out that Matched is being made into a movie! I really have enjoyed these two books, though I felt the writing wasn't really smooth at times. But, I think these will make wonderful movies! (Above is an interview with the author!)

Again, if you like The Hunger Games trilogy, I think you'll enjoy these new trilogy by Ally Condie!

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