Wednesday, September 15, 2010

How Much Change Will I Get?

Today we did some math using Family Math. The chapter we worked on was called "How Much Change Will I Get?" I had an inspiration to use the white board and make sales tags and draw the money. As we went along, Alex started adding pictures to go with these word problems.

Here's a Level 2 problem. (There are 5 levels.) In this problem, an item costs $7.12. You have a $10 bill and a pocket full of change. What coins would you give the clerk?

Alex loved drawing the items. I know this activity kept her interest a lot longer than it normally would have because she was enjoying the pictures. This is a drawing of a pencil and eraser.

Here's another problem which I think is a Level 1. An item costs $13.40 and you give the clerk a $20 bill. How much change will you receive?

And another problem - a Level 3, I think. An item costs $8.47 and you give the clerk a $10 bill and 2 pennies. How much change will you get?

And, another of Alex's drawings. I hope to add more drawing and story problems to our math as this seemed to be a hit in our house today!


Rhonda said...

Very nice work. I love the drawings.

Phyllis said...

I love this. It is so neat to see kids enjoying their math! We have been working on word problems more diligently this year.

Unknown said...

I've been out of blogland for the summer. It's great to stop by and see what you guys have been up to!

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