Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Discoveries in Genesis 5

For Bible we are using The Greenleaf Guide to Old Testament History. We are really learning a lot by using this book and our Bibles.

Last week, we were slowly read through Genesis 5 while keeping a record of Adam's descendants. (Alex and I both made our own charts.) Adam lived 930 years and we were supposed to see if he was still alive when each of the listed descendants was born.

I was amazed to learn that Adam was still alive when Noah's father was born! So, Adam could have told all of these people about the garden, about God walking with him through the garden, about the fall, and about God making him clothing and kicking him out of the garden. Wow! I never realized that.

Another very interesting 'discovery' was that each of these men died before the flood. In fact, Methusaleh died the same year as the flood. This is important because, of course, all of those who were still alive were NOT following God and perished in the flood.

Anyway, I'm amazed at how much we learned by doing this one 'exercise.' And, Alex had a wonderful time doing this study, too.

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Carrie Thompson said...

I remember learning in Bible Class that Methusala means When he dies the flood comes.

God has a plan, and HE is GOOD.

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