Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Winter's Tail Virtual Field Trip

On Wednesday at 1 pm (ET), you can go on a virtual field trip to meet Winter the Dolphin. I read about this event on the blog, Serendipidity. You can also find more information on Jill's, The Well Read Child.

Winter’s Tail chronicles the amazing true story of Winter, a two-month dolphin who lost her tail after becoming entangled in crap trap. Winter was rescued off the coast of Cape Canaveral and brought to the Clearwater Marine Aquarium, where she was treated and had to learn to swim again, using a prosthetic tail. Beyond all expectations, Winter has thrived and has become an inspiration to the disabled and able-bodied alike. Winter’s story delivers an important message of hope, friendship, and universal acceptance. (from the Scholastic site)

On the Scholastic website, you'll also find an excerpt from the book, Winter's Tail, and a teaching guide. There is also more to see and do at Winter's website.

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Alex said...

Thanks for passing the word around, I think this will be a really interesting virtual field trip!

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