Monday, October 12, 2009

Spelling City

We are using various things for spelling this year. Our spelling list comes from: a curriculum, Alex's misspelled words, and words we are using in other subjects. This week, we started using a wonderful FREE program called Spelling City. The teacher (aka mom) types in the spelling words and then the student (or mom) has several choices: you can pick "teach me", "play a game", or "test me."

We don't care that much for the "teach me" part, but it could be useful. They basically say and spell the word for you. The "test me" part is pretty straight forward. But, what Alex is really enjoying is the "play a game" section.

I have been having Alex use the "alphabetize" section to practice, well, putting things in alphabetical order! We have both enjoyed Hang Mouse - if you mess up too many times, the cat will catch your tail! (We had to do it once, just to see what would happen!) Today, we played Crossword. There are a few glitches in it (the words kind of touch each other), but it still works. And, I love how this program comes up with its own sentences! So far, we haven't seen any problems. (And, several of the programs are printable.)

So, I'm not sure how long it will be until the novelty wears off, but for now Spelling City is making spelling fun in our house!


ilovemy5kids said...

We've been using this for over a year and love it! A lot of lists are already on it that we need!

Blessings to you,

Teacher of One said...

I love hearing more & more people love this site! We are going to start spelling next 9 weeks and I think G will enjoy it.

Robin said...

We loved this site last year, and I plan to use it again later in our year. We've been focusing on vocabulary and after we've learned those words I'm going to incorporate them into Spelling City. It's a great program and we also loved the games!

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