Wednesday, June 17, 2009

One Little Tadpole

When we went on a nature walk near a pond 2 weeks ago, we caught 2 tadpoles. One of them didn't survive until morning (I'm not sure why), but the other is doing great! In fact, we saw he had teeny tiny legs yesterday! (This photo is from today -aren't the legs tiny, though?)

My friend Robin at martinzoo just posted about her tadpole habitat so I thought I'd share ours. Alex actually came up with the idea of putting our tadpole in a wine glass, so this is his 'home'! Kind of ritzy, huh? After reading Robin's post, though, I realized we need a place for this little guy to hide. So, we'll probably be revising his home soon. (Oh, and she feeds her tadpoles flake fish food while I've frozen some lettuce and just break tiny pieces of it off. I guess they survive just fine on either!)


Robin said...

Oh, goodness, his legs are TOO cute and tiny!
Your little guy is about a week further along than our guys are.
Aren't they fun to watch?

live4evermom said...

Cute tiny legs!

Rhonda said...

What a great shot. I can see those tiny little legs perfectly!

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