Sunday, January 04, 2009

Think!ing over the holidays

While visiting family during Christmastime, I decided to do some Think! challenges.

This "Christmas Tree Challenge" was completed by my mom (left), myself (middle) and Alexandra (right). You were given a list of supplies and were supposed to make a tree. The tree was supposed to hold as many ornaments (or birds) as possible. We used beans for our ornaments. You couldn't even use glue - our ornaments are being held in place by gum!!! And, you had to have the tree stand up and include a trunk, branches, and leaves. This was a hard, but fun, challenge!

On another day, I proposed the "marshmallow arch challenge" to my sister, niece, and daughter. I think this challenge would have been a LOT simpler with the large marshmallows. But, we only had small marshmallows, so we built our arches with those!
my arch
Alexandra's arch

my niece's arch - sister made one, too, but her photo came out even worse! :-)


Rhonda said...

I really need to go and take a look at those think challenges. They do look like fun and I really think that my girls would enjoy them. Thanks for the link. Those trees came out too cute!

Cindy said...

Aren't the THINK challenges fun?? My kids aren't always the most creative in their designs, but I've seen a big improvement as we've completed more challenges.


Think! said...

Great job everyone! I'll try to post all of your pictures soon. You should be proud! Think!ing is hard work but it is fun:)

Gerky said...

Those trees are awesome!

Alycia in Va. said...

I have never heard of this challenge. Thanks for referencing- something to bookmark for when Alex gets a little older.

Makita said...

i gave you a blog award...check out my website.

BTW - those arches look fun! I have to check out the Think Challenges! :)

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