Tuesday, January 27, 2009

San Diego Zoo (Day 5)

One of our favorite days in San Diego was the day we went to the zoo. We stayed there for only about 7 1/2 hours! It was a beautiful day and it is an incredible zoo.

One of Alexandra's favorite things at the zoo was the sky tram. Even though there was a fairly long ride, we rode it 4 times!

Here's my nephew, baby H, enjoying the petting zoo.

When we first got to the zoo, we took the bus tour. It helped us to learn our way around some. And, we were able to get a great view of some animals.

A camel - also from the bus ride.

And a warthog.

This heron was a "wild" bird. There were a few herons and LOTS of great egrets just hanging around the zoo.

a cute monkey
We really enjoyed watching this gorilla. This was the large male and he was really active. One great thing about the San Diego Zoo is how wonderfully they enrich the lives of these animals. They give them lots of toys. They don't feed them at the same time, or even in the same order, every day - so they never know when food is coming. The grounds are also just beautiful with plants and trees everywhere.

If you can enlarge this photo, please look at this gorillas hands. They are so human like! (And, no, I don't believe gorillas evolved into humans. I believe God created us separately. But, his hands are very like ours!)

We enjoyed watching this black monkey with her little white baby. They were kind of hidden and I don't think many people noticed them. But, if you knew where to look you could see them pretty well.

This was another bird that was flying around "wild." We saw it in other places besides the zoo. I believe it is a dark eyed junco, though it isn't something we see here in Texas. I just thought he was so cute!

And, this parrot was sitting close to the pathway, so I got a good shot of him. I thought it was one of my best shots at the zoo. Isn't he a beautiful bird?
We really enjoyed the pandas, too. But, I thought I'd make them a separate post.


sea glass hearts..... Laurie said...

Would have loved to meet you when you were in San Diego.
I love your blog & philosophy.

BTW What camera do you have
Those are Beautiful Shots!
Every one of them, not just the macaw.

Rhonda said...

Alexandra has such a beautiful smile. Your photos are wonderful as usual Dana. The parrot is my fav. The colors are amazing!

Robin said...

Oh! Man! Moaning and groaning! I want to go so bad now.
What awesome pictures. My goodness, Dana. Your pictures have evolved into art! I love how you are now blurring the background so that the focus is completely on the subject in front. Very cool!

Anonymous said...

7+ hours!!
Our zoo is close. We only go for about 2 hours... tops.
Those gorrilas are fun to watch. Our zoo doesn't have them, but I've seen them at Miami zoo before.

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