Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Easter Week

This weekend, we decided to make a bunny hutch to decorate our table for Easter. Alexandra even added a pool to the backyard.

The kit came with 3 bunnies, but only one of ours survived. I really liked this kit (I just saw some more at Target today), because the hutch is already put together! At Christmas, we had a really hard time putting together our gingerbread house. And, decorating it is the best part anyway!

We've also been working on a free lapbook from Homeschool Share using The Legend of the Easter Egg. It's kind of like a FIAR (Five in a Row) study.

On Monday, we did the language arts section - we read a poem about dying Easter eggs, worked on learning some vocabulary words from the book (like "bedlam" and "pelt"), and talked about similes. We had never discussed similies before and had fun doing a worksheet from this website and then had more fun making up funny similes during lunch.

Today, we did the geography component of the lapbook. We talked about faberge eggs and looked at photos of the eggs we'd made 2.5 years ago when Alexandra was only 4! And, we located Russia, Moscow, and St. Petersburg (where the eggs were made) on a map.

Tomorrow we plan on doing some neat science experiments and there is still more to do! And, there are recipes listed which we will probably do this weekend.

And, on Thursday or Friday we will discuss the real meaning of Easter - Jesus and His death and resurrection. The lapbook includes a Bible verse to memorize, a little book to discuss Good Friday and Easter Sunday, another to discuss the meaning of the bread and wine for communion, and one about the symbolism of the Easter Egg.

We are really enjoying these lapbooks from Homeschool Share and can't wait to do Rechenka's Eggs next week! The study includes more details of the geography of Russia, explains oviparous animal, has Russian recipes, and much more! And, Alexandra has a whole list of lapbooks she'd like to do after that.


Tina said...

Rechenka's Eggs looks really neat. I will have to get that book on hold and do this one with my kids too. I love free lapbooks. :o)

I am putting a lapbook together that will focus completely on Russia: geography, culture, artisit, history, and more. It has been a lot of work, but I am almost done with it. I have been learning so much about Russia. :o)

Have a wonderful rest of the week!


Marsha said...

Mmmm... looks like a delicious week for y'all!

Happy Easter, my friend!

Rhonda said...

The little rabbit hutch is so cute! That lapbook is coming along nicely. I am so glad that you found something that you like as much as Alexandra does, and you can't go wrong with the free lapbooks. *smile* I really wanted to do the unit on "Rechenka's Eggs", but will not have enough time, so maybe next year. With Easter right behind St. Patrick's Day we are all in a whirlwind here.

Robin said...

I love lapbooks! You're making me want to do one, but we are too busy this week.
I love the little bunny house. You guys are really having a great week!
I've really gotta try and get something in about Easter.

Jolanthe said...

That bunny hutch is so cute!! So glad that you are all enjoying the Easter Egg Unit. My girls were so excited to work on it too. :)


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