Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Fun with Eggs

Q: What kind of egg lives by the sea?
A: An egg shell

We enjoyed looking around the Golden Eggs site today, including finding some cute "egg" jokes.

We also spent part of our day working on our Legend of the Easter Egg lapbook. Today we were concentrating on science.

Do you know why some eggs are brown and some are white? White eggs come from white chickens and brown eggs come from brownish chickens. And, you can actually tell what color of eggs a chicken will have by looking at its ear lobes. (Did you know chickens had ear lobes???) Cool!

We also talked about the parts of an egg and labeled a diagram.

Then, we did a few egg-speriments. We are currently soaking some eggs (the raw one accidentally broke.) One of the eggs will soak for 24 hours and then we'll observe it and record our observations. Then, we'll let it sit out for 24 hours to see what happens. The other one, we'll soak for 3 days to a week and see what happens.

And, we took a raw egg and a hard boiled egg and spun them both at the same time to see which one spun faster. There was a pretty dramatic difference. And, we had a lot of fun spinning the eggs over & over.
(Book we enjoyed: Guess What is Growing Inside This Egg by Mia Posada)


Robin said...

COOL *egg-speriments*!
GB and I have one going, but it's going to take us another week. I'll post on it then. It has to do with the equinox. I hope it works.

urbanbutterfly said...

Wow! This looks great! I'm glad I found your blog. You posted it on the WP loop. I think you'll LOVE WP. We sure do. You asked there if anyone blogs about WP...and we

Have a wonderful Easter!!

Rhonda said...

Chickens have ear lobes? Well, you learn something new everyday! Great blog and I love the "spinning egg" experiment.

jennybell said...

I thought that egg joke was pretty funny, but my 4/5 year old claimed not to "get it". Oh well, he has a lot of time to develop a sense of humor (I hope!).

Thanks for commenting on my blog. It's nice to meet another MOO (Mom Of an Only).

Rapunzel's Mom said...

Great entry! We were just talking about where the brown eggs come from, so this is quite timely. And, EARLOBES.... the poor next chicken I see... I'll have to get close enough to look for earlobes. : )

Happy Easter and Love the Blog!

Jimmie said...

Ear lobes on chickens?? What?? Who knew?

For Shakespeare, we use Nesbit's. But I also have the MP3's of Lambs from Librivox. Check out my Shakespeare page. I've got free printables I made linked there.

Excited to to WP AS1 alongside you!

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