Thursday, October 05, 2006

Nature in Our Backyard Part 2

We have been out checking on our caterpillars daily. We are actually down to one caterpillar, but it is growing fast! It is striped white, black and yellow - a Monarch. I didn't realize that butterfly weed was the same as milkweed, so a Monarch caterpillar makes a lot of sense!

Our hummingbird feeder
We got a few more plants from our new friend and are hoping it is enough for our caterpillar. All of those yellow eggs we saw turned out to be aphids. Oops! We're hoping to see more ladybugs around as they come to eat the little aphids.

We've seen our hummingbird several times, but haven't been able to take a picture of him yet. He has a green back & a yellow belly - I think. The feeder is in the far corner of the yard & I've been trying to sneak up on him, but he flies away.

We are just having so much fun with nature in our own backyard! Well, except for the mosquitoes which have been horrible. We are both are wearing lots of beautiful bite marks.

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Robin said...

Dana, We brought our hummingbird feeder up onto the deck and that way we can watch them from inside the house. We have a much better chance of observing them when they don't suspect we are there. Sometimes GB and I sit at the table on the deck, and it's a great reason for him to sit still... LOL I have a huge pot of colorful flowers right next to the feeder. That way it attracts the hummingbirds and then they get used to the feeder being there. Once you've placed it somewhere and they find it, you won't want to move it again.. That would confuse them.

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