Tuesday, September 12, 2006

What do Archaelogists do?

Today, Alexandra & I went to an Archaelogy class and then a Dinosaur class at our museum. For the archaelogy class, we got to play like we were archaelogists by doing a survey & excavation... of a chocolate chip cookie. The chips were our artifacts. First, we had to make a grid & record the artifacts we saw, then we dug the artifacts out without breaking them (hard to do!), and then we placed them on our grip.

Next, we got to do some analysis by using pottery shards to figure out the diameter of their openings. The teacher gave us a scale sheet for us to use. This was a wonderful example of what archaelogists do.

And, lastly we used a plastic skull and a guide to try to determine if our skull was a male or female. We got it right! (This is our Mr. Skull)

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