Tuesday, September 19, 2006


After seeing the Golden Orb Spider at Alexandra's astronomy class, I thought it'd be fun to learn more about orb spiders. So, we picked out 2 good non-fiction books and also read some books about Anansi who is quite a character. We'd also read some books about him when we studied about Jamaica.
We also made our own web art by dipping chalk into water and then drawing on black paper. It makes a cool effect and it is fun to watch the art dry.
  • Spinning Spiders by Melvin Berger - good book, good pictures, good author
  • The Orb Weaver (from The Library of Spiders) by McGinty - another good book - we especially enjoyed the "Did You Know?" blurbs on the sides of some pages
  • several Anansi books by Eric A. Kimmel
  • The Magic School Bus Spins a Web
  • Bug City Video Series: "Spiders & Scorpions" - Schlessinger

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sandy said...

I enjoyed reading about how you 'do school.' I have been thinking about keeping track of the books we read, and I like how you've included them in your blog. I may steal your idea!
Thanks for checking out our blog.

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