Monday, June 19, 2006

swim team update

On Saturday, we had our last 2-team competition. Next weekend is our last meet - divisionals!Alexandra did so well! She swam fast on her relay. And, she took almost 4.5 seconds off of her freestyle! What a great job! (photo below: Alexandra waiting her turn to swim - blue swim cap, blue swim suit - in center of photo)

We have about a 2 hour break between freestyle & backstroke, and during this time it began to rain and thunder. They can stop the meet for up to 2 hours, but after about 20-30 minutes, they cancelled the meet. It was a good call as it rained & thundered for hours. The girls had fun and were screaming, but it was all in fun. They even played out in the rain before it was thundering.

Well, our tent was pretty flooded and all of our stuff was wet. It was actually kind of funny and we were all joking about the mess. Towels and blankets were soaked and it was hard to find everything as we'd piled things up in the middle of the tent.

It worked out well for us as we had time to go home and get ready to go to a ballet, Don Quixote!

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