Thursday, November 07, 2013

The Constitutional Convention

Today we will be finishing up our study on the Constitutional Convention using the following three sites:

First, we will listen to "The Constitutional Convention of 1787 for Dummies by Keith Hughes. We have watched several of his videos and I think they are great!

Then, we will play "The Constitutional Convention" at Anneburg Classrooms. (Note that when it asks you to login you push "cancel" and you will be able to play.) This game says: "Travel back to 1787 and become a delegate to the convention in Philadelphia. As the Founding Fathers struggle to decide how the young nation will be governed, explore how very different men representing their states' conflicting interests created a bicameral legislature and three branches of government."
And, lastly, we will play Constitutional Convention Jeopardy at the Super Teacher Tools site for a review. You can also play this on your iPad or other non-flash device. Whichever way you play, the scoring is awkward. But, I think it is worth it for a good review game!

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