Sunday, August 18, 2013

Injured Dove & Volunteering with Baby Squirrels

We found this White-winged Dove in our pool earlier this week. We were hoping he had just fallen in and gotten his wings wet and would be fine after he dried off. We didn't see him again until the next afternoon when he was walking around the yard again. We ended up on watching him for 3 days, but he just couldn't fly. My daughter wanted me to call a wildlife rehab place but I didn't think they would take a dove. I finally called, and they took him!

When we got there, one of the volunteers said they thought his shoulder was messed up and he'd probably hit the window. When we got home I noticed a mark on our sliding glass doors where he definitely hit the window. We have a case number and can check to see how our bird is doing in a week or so.

The rehab center also housed other animals that are permanent residents for whatever reasons. They are used for educational purposes. There were a couple of squirrels, two opossums, some snakes, reptiles, and owl and probably a few other animals. It was nice and clean, and I think Alex & I will start volunteering there!!!

They have two seasons for 'baby' volunteers - September & October are for baby squirrels while March through August are for baby birds. This week there is a volunteer orientation to become a baby squirrel feeder. Alex is too young to volunteer on her own, but old enough to volunteer if I accompany her. So, we're going to give it a try! It's a commitment three 4-hour shifts per month for the two months. We're excited!


KW said...

Very cool on finding out about volunteering to help with animals. I'm always worried I will end up taking some home.

Dana said...

That sounds like a great volunteer opportunity! I bet she'll love it.

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