Wednesday, April 03, 2013

Learning JavaScript at Khan Academy

I have been working with Khan Academy for the past few weeks, and yesterday discovered that they also have a computer programming course! My first introduction to computers was in high school - on computers that just had black screens and green lettering. And, we learned some programming in BASIC. I've wanted to learn to do a little programming, and now I can! For free!

This was my first creation. There was already a green turtle on the screen. I worked on making him rainbow colored, moving him to the left of the screen, and moving his eyes, head, tail, arms & legs.
Then, I made Kirby! This was from scratch!!! Of course, it is just a bunch of ovals with coloring, but it was still an accomplishment!
Next, I made my punk dude. For this one, I manipulated a face that was already there. I moved the arms to be ears, changed the color, added a neck and shirt, and added hair! Oh, and I learned how to make a colored background... and went back and added colored background to the other images.
This guy was from scratch! I was learning about points & lines.
And, my Pac-Man. For this program, I was learning how to set up variables. So, on these dots, if I increase the size of one, they both increase! I'm having so much fun! My next lesson is to set up a program where all of the pieces are attached and move as one piece. I'm thinking of a teddy bear...

One more... Ms Pac-Man!!!

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