Friday, January 04, 2013

Book Review: Never Cry Wolf by Farley Mowat

This book is a quick read at only 163 pages. And, it is an amazing story!
The book is a true-life story told by naturalist Farley Mowat who is sent to the Artic to study the supposedly blood-thirsty wolves. Mowat is thankfully found by an Eskimo after being left with a pile of equipment on a frozen lake. After moving into a nearby small cabin, Mowat quickly discovers a family of wolves living nearby: the father (whom he names George); the mother (whom he names Angeline); another male (he names Uncle Albert); and four pups.

Mowat, who has been told the wolves are wiping out the caribou and are incredibly violent, starts to see these wolves for what they really are: a loving family who take good care of their pups and actually strengthen the caribou population by weeding out the week members.

I really enjoyed this book and am hoping to rent the Disney movie version as soon as possible. And, I see he has other books... which I'm eager to read!

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