Sunday, July 04, 2010

Albuquerque Day 2 - Explora Museum

On Day 2, we went to an amazing children's museum - Explora. As we were pulling up, I saw this road runner! My first! And, he had a lizard in his mouth! I pulled over quickly and grabbed my camera. Unfortuantely, he was running away so this is the quality of my photo. But, I was thrilled to see this road runner! 

This was my nephew's (Hunter) favorite part of the museum. It was a water feature where you could press and release buttons and make the water shoot out in different ways. We spent a lot of time here, and we all enjoyed it.

Here Alex is creating a stop-action movie! I love how it was set up to make this really easy.

This shows heat. They had an ice bag and we rubbed it on our hands and they turned black. Fun!

This is the largest elevator we've ever seen. It had several chairs, a couch and a table. In fact, we weren't even sure it was really an elevator, but it was!

Hunter LOVED playing with the water. There was a whole area of the museum devoted to water and he loved it.

Here's Alex in the "wind" area building a car. Then, you put the car in front of a fan and see how far and fast it will go. Her car was a lot better than mine!

That night, I went jogging in the park a few blocks from our house while Nana, Alex, and Hunter went for a walk. Alex shot this photo. I am in the white shirt and gray shorts near the left corner. Isn't this a beautiful place? And, as I mentioned, I'm really getting into exercise right now. This week I ran 3 times, swam 2 times, worked out with weights 4 times, did 1 exercise video, and more! I've now lost 5 pounds and I'm feeling great!


Rhonda said...

Loved the photo of the road runner. This looks like a great place for kids and grown ups alike. Lots of fun. What a beautiful view for you to work out around. WOW! Congrats on the weight loss!

Paula (Belgium) said...

In Belgium we have a similar kids-exploring place: Technopolis.
It is fun and educational (and allows moms to talk together).
Kids exploring, mom getting fit, you have a great summer!

lahbluebonnet said...

I'm glad you enjoyed your break and your vacation. Great about all your exercise! If I did all that, I'd be in bed all the time. I only became that way since my head surgery. I've never figured that out.

Julie said...

Looks like a wonderful time! I lived in Albuquerque years ago and have fond memories...the climate was gorgeous. The roadrunner was a nice surprise...I love it when that happens, especially when I have my camera handy :-)!
Thanks for commenting at my new blog!
Blessings, Julie

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