Thursday, June 03, 2010

My Predictions for 2110

Alex's online class had a fun assignment for this week. They were discussing the World Fair of 1893 which was held in Chicago. At the fair, people made predictions about what they thought the US would be like in 100 years. Alex's assignment was to make a similar prediction for 100 years in our future. So, I thought I'd "play" along...
 (1893 Chicago's World Fair)

I think life expectancy will be quite a bit longer in 100 years. People might be expected live to be 130 or older. I think babies will be able to survive outside of the womb from an earlier age. In fact, I think we will be able to create an artifiicial womb where a baby can grow from fertilization. Or, a premature baby can be put in the womb to finish gestation. I believe many diseases will be cured and cancer will be more easily treated, though not eradicated. However, I believe there will be new diseases, too.

I believe gasoline will be a thing of the past. Vehicles will run on solar power and environmental friendly fuels. Air travel will be quicker and safer and more readily avaiable. There will be more personalized forms of air travel with many families owning their own air vehicle.

It's hard for me to imagine communication and technology getting any faster/easier/better than it is today! When I was growing up, our phones were still "corded." I remember seeing my first car phone -and it was HUGE and in a big box. I don't remember using a computer until high school - and it only had a black screen with green letters. We listened to 8-track tapes in the car. For the library, we used an old-fashioned card catalog... all the way through high school. For research, we used books and an encyclopedia - there wasn't an interenet. And, all books were on paper - not digital. So, what will people be using in 100 years? I really can't imagine. It's hard for me to imagine what new inventions will happen in the next 10 years. Does anyone have any thoughts?

I believe we'll find alternate ways to grow things to take more advantage of space. We'll use more hydoponics to grow food. Perhaps we'll use multi-story buildings to take up less space. And, we will make a shift back towards eating healthier.

Well, those are my predictions. Maybe you or your child would like to make some predictions about what the world will be like in 100 years. If so, please let me know... I'd love to read your predictions!


zoom2900 said...

What a great assignment Dana!
This will be a great topic of conversation over dinner.
I love your blog! -Irma

Robin said...

Great assignment and lots of great ideas. I agree with most of your predictions, but I worry the most about the food situation.
It bothers me about how little control we really have over what we put in our mouths. And I hope that someday we'll go back to a more basic way of growing and processing food.

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