Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Virtual Choir

Alex was pretty sick yesterday, though she is much better today. We didn't do any "school" yesterday, and have been taking it pretty light today. We've read some from her history book and are watching a few educational movies I've recorded on our DVR.

We started our day by watching CNN Students News for yesterday and today. One of the news pieces was about a Virtual Choir which is conducted by Eric Whitacre. Basically, people from around the world (12 different countries) bought the same recording of this song and made a video recording of themselves singing their part while Eric directed them through the recording. Then, they sent in their audition pieces. The condutor put it all together and this beautiful "virutal chior" was created. I think it is amazing!

This 2nd video is by one of the singers, 18-year-old Melody. She has recorded her own voice in the various parts and it is beautiful! (She also has other songs.)


Jennifer said...

Wow!!!! Amazing!!!!!! I can't believe that the girl can sing all those notes herself. Some of those are SO LOW. Beautiful!! I'm going to link to this as well. Cool!

Robin said...

Oh, that gave me chills, Dana! I loved it so much I posted it to my Facebook page. I still wish you were on Facebook. ;-)
I hope Alex feels better soon!

Rhonda said...

Just Wow!

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