Thursday, July 30, 2009

First Day & Night in Limerick (Day 2)

For the rest of our first day in Ireland, we took a long nap, a short walk (it was colder than we expected and we were still dressed for Texas - this is Alex & Nana), and shopped. My in-laws went and got Chinese take-out for dinner while my sil & bil went to meet her students.

Since we were staying at a house, we needed to buy some linens and groceries. We ended up having one fewer bed than we expected, so Alex and I shared a twin bed. It kind of felt like a dorm room. We had a twin bed which we bought sheets, pillows and blankets (actually throws) for. We also had 2 long shelves and a wardrobe. Our room was downstairs and was pretty big.

I kept a journal for the trip and I am so glad I did! I was just rereading about "Night 2" (Night 1 was on the plane) and I'd forgotten this part:
My nephew woke up and cried for a long time. I finally got up at 1:30 am & had a snack and started reading. Alex woke up at 2 am & did the same. It's now almost 3 am. The time change is hard! We've only slept about 3-3.5 hours!

We've been discussing our favorite things about Ireland so far. Me: the accents, the friendly people, the cultural differences like the grocery stores & driving, the chocolate, the different birds, the green-ness, and the castles. Alex: the chocolate, cars (funny looking - very small), the food, the differences & the castles.


Rhonda said...

I bet there is a big difference in the weather there compared to our mugginess here. Wow sleeping in a twin bed would not be a good idea for me and my little one! Her arms and legs are all over the place. LOL!

Robin said...

We were a bed short on our vacation too. So we put GB in one of the empty walk-in closets with a made-up bed. We called him Harry Potter all week...LOL!

I know how hard the time change is. Man, you feel like you miss some of the trip because you just can't get in sync with the local time. I found it to be worse when we came home though. It took me a week to get back to normal. Then you wonder where the week went!

So how were the grocery stores different? Just curious.

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