Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Huh... Snow??? Here???

Yep! It's been snowing in the Houston area!

We have lived her 13 YEARS and this is the FIRST time I've ever seen it snowing at my house! And, yesterday it was 75 degrees! It's just very crazy. And, Alex had to go play in it... in her SHORTS and FLIPFLOPS. (At least she'd put on a jacket by the time I took this photo.) It snowed heavy for about 15 minutes and then a light snow for about 45 minutes more. Incredible! (I have a video, but I haven't been able to post it)


live4evermom said...

My boys were not happy we didn't get any snow this time. Not even one flake.

Robin said...

Very *cool*!!
I'll bet she enjoyed the heck out of that.
I'll never forget the year we moved to Central Florida from New York. Would you believe it snowed half an inch?! My best friend had never, in her life, seen any snow. I, of course, was oblivious to it. :-)
I hope we get some real snow soon. Today we had so much rain that the ditches are flooded. Yuck!

Rhonda said...

Wasn't it just amazing! We got quite a bit here and the girls were outside for 5:00 AM playing in it! I posted a few pics of it on my blog if ya wanna take a look. We really enjoyed it.

Anonymous said...

How fun for you all! I grew up in Central Florida and I can remember the first time ever seeing was after our bed time but my parents let us out to play. Now we live in northern Ky and snow is something we can count on to happen. I still enjoy it. BTW, I've always wondered where you all live since you travel so much. We lived in Galveston for 14 months from 1999-2000. Have you all recovered from the hurricane? We have a couple of friends we keep in contact with who still live in Houston that weren't hit too bad, thankfully.
Merry Christmas!

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