Thursday, August 16, 2007

Squirrel Nest

Last night as we were swimming, Alexandra spotted a squirrel in our backyard tree. This isn't really that unusal, but we hadn't seen any in awhile and she pointed it out. Then, we noticed it was carrying something in its mouth. So, we watched.

The squirrel was breaking off small branches of leaves and adding them to his (her?) nest! We've had 3 squirrel nests in that tree for quite a few years. I guess they must reuse them. We had 2 baby squirrels several months ago, so maybe it is about time for a new litter!

I really enjoyed watching the squirrel go back and forth, gathering leaves. (Alexandra got a little tired of it and wanted me to play with her instead.) She does want to do some research to see if we were watching the mommy or the daddy. So, I've just requested a few books from the library.

On another note, the weather will be quite a bit cooler today. We have been over 100 for about 5 days now. With all of our humidity, those temps are pretty rare. But, with Tropical Depression Erin making landfall to the south and west of us, we are expecting lots of rain and highs in the mid-80's.


Robin said...

I'll be praying that you don't feel any ramifications from the storm. You guys take care.

Melissa Telling said...

The video played fine for me.

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